DIY – Do it Yourself Projects

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Date / Time: 3:42 pm 13/09/2012
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DIY – Do It Yourself Projects

Recently, one of my good friends restored an old picnic table and transformed it into a beautiful kitchen table. The transformation was so surprising it got me thinking about what Do It Yourself “DIY” projects I could start.

One of the things I love about DIY is the opportunity to repurpose and recycle. The less money I have to spend, the better! So, I started researching the internet for great projects for beginners, like myself. Some of my favorite easy ideas came from Bob Vila’s website.

Mason jars are one of the essentials when it comes to pickling, jams, and jellies. Turns out though, mason jars are way handier than that. My favorite idea was using the jars to plant herbs and spices in next season. Since the jars are glass, the plants make them beautiful and unique decorations too. My herb garden was such a success this year; I look forward to trying this out ASAP!

Another great Mason jar idea was storage and organization. Use a pipe strap to attach your mason jar to a piece of scrap wood and TADA! Now you’re ready to organize. Even I can do that! Attach it in the garage or shop to organize hardware. Attach it in the bathroom to keep toiletries clean and easy to access. The possibilities are endless.

My other favorite DIY from Bob was the repurposing of apple crates. In the fall, after all the apple picking is done, we’re always left with a few empty crates. A few ideas required zero effort and were totally free! I feel silly for not thinking of them before.

The crates make for great storage. Without any effort at all, stick them in the garage or by the back door to keep dirty shoes off of clean floors. Also, for any green thumbs out there, they make for perfect planters! If you want to clean them up a bit (even sand and refinish them if you’re feeling ambitious) they make for great toy boxes or wall mounted storage.

I love to recycle and reuse! While working towards becoming better preppers, I’ve found that being resourceful with what we already have, is a great step in the right direction. And though I’m not as brave as my friend with the picnic table (yet), I think it will be a fun journey of learning.

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Annacaye is a mid-twenties mid-westerner who is starting her journey to preparedness. After living in Alaska with tsunamis, Florida with hurricanes, and the mid-west’s tornado alley, she knows the importance of being ready for anything. She has her Bachelor’s of Arts in Speech Communication but has always felt a strong connection with writing. When not writing or getting her hands dirty with arts and crafts, she loves to be outside as much as possible. It is her hope that through her blog and other sources, people become more aware of the importance of being prepared during difficult and often dangerous times. She knows that now is the time and is excited to start “The Journey”.

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